We pride ourselves on being very flexible in arranging open bar/cash bar combinations suitable to every budget. Please discuss your needs with your event coordinator, and he/she will customize the arrangement for you. Several packages are available, including hosted and cash bar. We will tailor a package to meet your needs, including bringing your professional bartenders and portable bar (if required) to you. Customer alcohol preferences are welcome, but pricing may vary depending on the brand.


Alcohol License Fee:

All events with alcohol service catered by Taste of Heaven Cafe will incur a $60 alcohol license fee on a per-event basis.

Off-premises Cash, or Hosted-Bar Setup Fees:

There is a $100 fee for each bar setup at locations other than Owens Banquet Room. This fee covers one bartender, setup/tear down service, all transportation/delivery fees, and plastic ware. (Catering fees are separate.) Glasses may be rented for an additional $1 per person. One bar will be provided for every 75 people unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Additional bartenders may be requested for a fee of $20 per hour, per bartender.

Cashier Fee:

Cash bars will require one cashier for every 150 people. The cashier fee is $15 per cashier per hour.

Corkage Fees:

If the client provides alcohol, we will provide glassware and service for an additional fee. Full bar corkage is $6 per person. Wine and beer-only corkage is $4 per person. We can also provide the complete setup arrangements - ice, juice and sodas for standard bar drinks, celery, limes, olives, lemons, small bar equipment, and bar napkins - for an additional $5 per person above the selected corkage fee.

Wine Steward Fees:

If you wish to have champagne or wine poured tableside, we will provide additional servers at the appropriate charges. We will provide one server per every 50 guests at a fee of $20 per server. Champagne/wine will be charged at a rate of $24 per opened bottle.

Bar Minimums:

All bar minimums must be met or the client will pay the difference between the minimum expected revenue and the actual beverage sales - fees, service charge, and the taxes excluded. Minimums are established for up to four hours of service and will be based on your attendance guarantee. They are calculated as follows:


The host is responsible for all costs, including the cost of all beverages served, all applicable fees, and bar minimums. A service charge of 19% as well as 5.3% Virginia sales tax will be applied to all sales.

Hourly Bars:

The hourly bar provides unlimited beverages by the hour for a pre-determined amount of time, no less than two hours.

Beer and wine only

First hour $6.50 per person, $4.50 for each additional hour/partial hour

Tier 1 liquors, beer, and wine

First hour $7.50 per person, $5.50 for each additional hour/partial hour